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Hello everyone!
I am trying to review some games that maybe haven't had enough attention and with no reviews in English, I thought Grey Zone was a good candidate.

But after purchasing the game with the intention of giving an informed review, I find it to be unplayable after only 15 minutes. I can no longer 'Start Game', it just crashes to desktop.

What I did get to play of Grey Zone was interesting, and I think there is a much larger game hidden behind the bugs (I hope so given the 300+mb download). At one point the Russian-English translation broke down completely in such a hilarious way that if I can ever get it to work again I will upload a screenshot.

The sound track is cool but you have to keep moving to avoid monotony.

The core game-play in Grey Zone is solid, the controls maybe aren't the best but I found myself getting better at a rate that matched the game's increasingly challenging arena style matches. I feel there could be a little more combat/cutscene in the first 15 minutes, but like I explained that is all I've been able to play.

Unfortunately I am not able to recommend buying this game as it's (at least in my case) still quite broken. I would love to re-review this title once this issue has been resolved.

As a first release by developer A.Lepunov I feel Grey Zone has promise, But stability and localization are issues that need to be addressed.

On the whole (at the moment considering the problems) 2/10

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